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Ferrocene Burn Rate Catalyst

Product Code: FERRO50G
Ferrocene Burn Rate Catalyst
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Ferrocene Burn Rate Catalyst Summary

Ferrocene (Biscyclopentadienyliron) is an aggressive crystalline solid burn rate catalyst, burnt-orange in color, which can be used in endburning motors and high burn rate APCP propellant compositions. Typical concentration level is 0.1 - 0.5% of total propellant weight. APCP propellants using Ferrocene can be formulated to achieve burn rates of 0.5" per second or greater at 1,000 PSI.

1. DO NOT use Ferrocene in its solid state. Solid Ferrocene will sublime in the propellant and cause dangerous ignition sensitivity, and result in a variable and unpredictable burning rate over time.

2. Ferrocene MUST be incorporated into the binder premix (i.e., HTPB, antioxidant and plasticizer) by mixing until ALL crystals are dissolved, before adding any AP.

3. DO NOT use Ferrocene in over 0.5% concentration of total propellant weight.

Even when used properly, propellants incorporating Ferrocene in their formulation will be more sensitive to inadvertent ignition than other propellants using less aggressive burn rate catalysts such as iron oxide or copper chromite. Ferrocene has a moderate vapor pressure at room temperature and will migrate into polymeric liners and into other propellants that are stored in the vicinity of Ferrocene-containing grains, changing their burn rate over time. 50 gram jar.
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