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Low Cost Head End Initiator

Product Code: LCI100
Low Cost Head End Initiator
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Low Cost Head End Initiator Summary

Low cost initiator from Triton Space Technologies, available exclusively from RCS. Perfect for "head-end" upper stage ignition, clusters and "instant on" ignition of any motor.

This product is currently sold as a "Tripoli Research" item and is not deemed a component of a certified motor system. Users are responsible for determining fitness for their particular application and ensuring safety and reliability for themselves and any spectators.

Various materials can be used for the primary motor ignition charge, such as copper thermite, black powder and boron potassium nitrate (BKNO3). RCS has found that more copper thermite is needed than normally used due to the "blow down" characteristics of this device when installed as a head end initiator.

RCS will soon make available specialized forward bulkheads designed to fit the head end initiator for use with 29, 38, 54 & 75mm diameter RMS™ systems.

The low cost initiator ships as a non-hazardous item with no installed pyrotechnics. NOTE: This is a single-use device and a new initiator must be used for each motor firing.

Low Cost Initiator Specifications

Threaded interface 3/8-24 UNF compatible with MS33649/AS5202-03 O-ring boss port. Torque to 140 in-lbs Max with 9/16th wrench.

AS568A-903 silicone O-ring included

Single Use Burst Pressure 6,500 psi.

Electrical interface:
MS3112E8-2P Bayonet Connector. Use an MS3116E8-2S connector or equivalent as the mating connector.

30 gauge (0.010”) Nichrome wire with nominal resistance of 0.3-0.5 Ω

No Fire Current:
1.5 Amps, 1.125 Watts, for 5 Minutes

Minimum Fire Current:
3 Amps for 5 seconds

All Fire Current:
>5 Amps for 100 milliseconds

TS-LCI100 is designed to be used with high current capable firing systems ONLY. DO NOT attempt to use low energy capacitive based firing circuits. A minimum of 3.0 Joules of energy, (e.g., a 15,000 μF Capacitor charged to 20 Volts) is required to rapidly bring the nichrome wire to incandescence and reliably ignite most pyrogens.


Step 1:
Measure out the desired charge weight using a reloading grain scale. The maximum charge weight is approx. 2.5 Grains.

Step 2:
Using the grain scale dish or a small funnel pour the pyrogen into the hollow cavity in the 3/8-24 threaded end of the LCI100, taking care not to spill any of the charge.

Step 3:
Seal off the cavity filled with pyrogen by placing a drop of glue over the opening (super- glue works well). When applying glue, take care to keep the 3/8-24 threads clean as this will interfere with installation. Allow the glue to dry. The LCI100 is ready for use.

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