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About RCS

Non-professional rocketry in many forms has been a tradition in the United States since the 1940's. Up until the mid-'90s much of this activity was in the form of model and high-power rocketry using commercially manufactured black powder and composite propellant rocket motors. The formation of organized experimental rocketry groups, an increasing federal regulatory burden and other factors combined over the past few decades to encourage a growing number of individuals to experiment with high-energy composite propellants and rocket motors of their own design. A number of sources of information and materials gradually became more widely available to help those who desired to participate in this activity with success and safety.

RCS Rocket Motor Components was founded by Gary Rosenfield in 1995 to offer AeroTech RMS-compatible parts for custom composite propellant rocket motor fabrication. These parts included molded phenolic nozzles, propellant casting tubing, phenolic and fiberglass motor casing material, phenolic and paper liner tubing, o-rings, casting plugs, forward & aft insulator washers, and delay/smoke charge insulator tubes.

Between 2000 and 2002, RCS added several new phenolic nozzles and a Resource Library CD-ROM to its list of products, and updated the RCS website to include some of the Resource Library files as free downloads, including the Air Force Chemical Equilibrium Specific Impulse (Isp) Code, helpful design calculators and others.

In 2003, a number of specialized propellant chemicals were made available. RCS announced its RCS Institute of Experimental Rocket Technology (IERT) "Advanced Propellant Formulation and Processing Course", the first in a series of advanced experimental propellant & rocket motor courses to be conducted in Cedar City, UT and other locations.

In April of 2004, RCS acquired the intellectual and physical assets of AeroTech, Inc. and Industrial Solid Propulsion (ISP), Inc. RCS now markets the AeroTech and ISP product lines under the "AeroTech Consumer Aerospace", "Econojet", "Kosdon by RCS", "Industrial Solid Propulsion" and "ISP" trade names. Also in 2004, RCS began to distribute the Rouse-Tech line of CD3 CO2-powered rocket recovery deployment devices.

In 2005, RCS became an authorized distributor of Synco™ Super-Lube™ synthetic o-ring grease. RCS alco introduced a number of new products including plastic delay adapters, molded delay and ejection bulkheads and a 75mm single-throat glass-phenolic molded nozzle.

In 2006, RCS introduced AP Blends™, a line of custom-compounded blends of multi-modal Ammonium Perchlorate which enabled experimenters to formulate high solids castable propellants, and the 29mm EMK™ Experimental Motor Kits™ in 'F' and 'G' sizes.

In September 2012, RCS opened its first e-commerce site, allowing the easy purchase of all of its products online without having to download and mail or fax order forms.

In May 2013, RCS began offering an expanded line of Experimental Motor Kits™ (EMK™) and pre-cast propellant grains on the e-commerce site.

We want to offer a special thank you to all our loyal customers who have made RCS THE source for experimental rocket motor components and chemicals!