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RCS News

11/12/15 75 & 98mm RMS EMKs Released
Experimental motor kits (EMKs) are now available to fit all lengths of RMS-75 and RMS-98mm hardware.

11/11/15 54mm RMS EMKs Released
Experimental motor kits (EMKs) are now available to fit all lengths of RMS-54mm hardware.

11/5/15 RCS Modified MDI Isocyanate Available Again
After a short hiatus, RCS's modified MDI isocyanate curative is once again available on the RCS store in 8 oz and 1 gallon bottles.

10/6/15 Cut Lengths of Phenolic Liners Now Available
Cut lengths of phenolic liners to fit virtually all RMS motor sizes are now available on the store under the "Phenolic Liners, Cut Lengths" category.

10/1/15 New Large 98mm Single Throat Nozzle
A new molded single throat nozzle for 98mm motors has been listed on the store under the "Single Throat Nozzle" category and will be shipping by the end of October.

4/2/15 Additional Forward Bulkheads and Nozzle Adapters Now Available

Molded and machined forward bulkheads in 38, 54, 75 and 98mm and nozzle adapters in 38 and 54mm are now available from the RCS store.

3/23/15 Filament-Wound Fiberglass Casings Released
Filament-wound fiberglass motor casings are now available on the RCS store in 29, 38, 54, 75 and 98mm diameters and in various lengths. These casings are compatible with other RCS parts including nozzles, liners and casting tubes. Fiberglass has a much higher tensile strength than paper-phenolic and can be used in a wider variety of rocket motor applications.


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